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Thank you by Aikihaku Thank you :iconaikihaku:Aikihaku 35 73
After the Scarf: Jeanne
You opened your eyes, faintly aware of a commotion going on in the background. A familiar face filled your vision, Rivaille's expression taut and serious, his lips dipping down ever so slightly in a concerned frown.
You smiled up at him softly, fatigue wearing on your body. "Yes?" You asked quietly, reaching up to his face and cupping your hand against his cheek. Rivaille's mouth tugged at a tiny smile.
He leaned down, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. "You scared me." he murmured against your skin, but you could feel the smile on his lips. 
A small, wailing cry sounded from the other side of the room. You both looked up, to find a nurse advancing towards the pair of you, a small figure swaddled in a pink blanket.
"It's a girl." She told the two of you as she placed the small body in your arms. You peeled away the blanket gently, gazing down and the small writhing figure in your arms. She was pale, for a newborn. Small tufts of dark hair sprinkled her head. You kne
:iconzephyros22:Zephyros22 157 76
After the Scarf: Missing in Action
It had been a week.
You thought this to yourself as you sat in a rocking chair, staring out the window in the living room of your house. The quiet squeaking of the chair was the only sound in the house, along with your quiet breathing. The ingredients to that night's dinner lay untouched on the counter. You had recently lost your appetite in the latest stage of your pregnancy.
A small sigh escaped your lips. You rested your hands on your bulging stomach, a sad smile forming on your lips.
A knock sounded quietly at the door.
"Come in." You called. The door opened, revealing a shaggy head of hair. Jean peeked around the door, and upon seeing you in the rocking chair, stepped into the cottage.
"Hey." He greeted. "I um...brought you dinner." To emphasize this, he set a small bag down on the table.
You shot your best friend a grateful smile. "Thanks Jean, but I'm not really hungry."
Jean looked at you worriedly. "You said that last time I visited, and from what Christa told me, you said yes
:iconzephyros22:Zephyros22 172 81
Care Taker (N x Reader)
"Aaand there we go.~ Good as new little one!" you say with zeal as you finish up the wrappings on a Vulpix's paw. The Pokemon mewled as he cuddled up to you in thanks. You giggled and ruffled the red hair atop it's head.
"You're a natural, (Name)."
You jumped at the sudden voice and whirled around to see the boss of the little clinic. She had a warm smile on her wrinkled face as she watched the Vulpix snuggle up to you.
"A natural? At what?"
She chuckled and wobbled herself over to you. She motioned to you and the Pokemon.
"This. Taking care of Pokemon. Loving them. Whenever I find a stray out in the forest, no matter how feral they are, they turn into mush whenever you work your magic."
Your face flushes while you look down. "Oh stop, I'm not that good."
"Nonsense. You've even attracted actual customers to this abandoned old clinic."
It was true. Ever since you've started working at the clinic ,people actually stopped by. You never knew why it didn't get as many customers before. It w
:iconxcosmetic:xcosmetic 649 109
-For everyone who loves to create- by projectTiGER -For everyone who loves to create- :iconprojecttiger:projectTiGER 17,742 3,005
Jean x Reader: My Hero (part 2)
When you woke up, it was dark outside. Evening light poured into the small room, giving the air a dim lighting. You lay for a while, staring at the ceiling, listening to the sounds that reached your ears: birds chirping evening goodbyes outside, cicadas buzzing, crickets chirping, and ever so faintly, the sound of your heartbeat.
You lifted your head slightly, your eyes coming to rest on Jean, sitting at the door, his eyes closed. His mouth was slightly open, soft, wispy breaths escaping his lips. His blades were still in his hands, but were gripped loosely. You gazed at him for a while, etching his sleeping face into your memory. He looked so peaceful sleeping there, it made you smile.
You could still hardly move. It hurt to sit up, so much it brought tears to your eyes. But you somehow managed to sit upright and lean against the headboard to the bed. You stayed there for a while, debating whether to try and get yourself out of the bed to get to the bathroom, fetch a drink of water, s
:iconzephyros22:Zephyros22 122 21
Jean x Reader: My Hero (part 1?)

Your blood seemed to freeze at the sound. You knew it all too well: The sound of your wires jamming.
Almost immediately, you felt the tension on your harness vanish, leaving you in mid air, connected to a tree by a rope you could not retract.
You began to fall, your eyes went wide as you realized the perilous situation you were in. Your scream echoed through the forest of Giant Trees as you fell, bouncing and resounding through the branches.
You watched with growing terror as the trunk of the tree became closer and closer. You couldn't form full thought in your head, feelings and emotions racing through your mind in glimpses. Yet one emotion stood out from all the others: Terror.
You couldn't look up to see who had called your name, your eyes trained on the tree, just feet away.

Your body connected with the trunk, and for several moments, you couldn't think. Darkness seemed to consume your though
:iconzephyros22:Zephyros22 207 40
Palmtop Scootaloo by fireflytwinkletoes Palmtop Scootaloo :iconfireflytwinkletoes:fireflytwinkletoes 887 246
The Plan - RivailleXReader
 "Stupid Hanji," I seethed, kicking the bucket of water onto the just cleaned floor. "Stupid, stupid!" Sulking, I sat down where I was. Truethfully, I wasn't mad at her, how could I be? It was my fault for going along with her plan and being awarded the pleasure of cleaning duty, anyway. I just felt it better to blame someone other than me.
"Cadet (L/N), why is there water on the floor?"
My head shot up at the sound of the icy voice, eyes fixing on those of Lance Corporal Rivaille. He stood in the doorway, arms crossed and leaning on the frame. He regarded me coldly, waiting for an answer. I got up, dusting off my pants and giving him one. "I got mad, sir. I apologize, I'll clean it up immediately."
He sighed, watching as I picked up a mop and got to work. It was excruciatingly silent for a while, the only noise the sound of the mop soaking up the water. I didn't know what the coporal wanted, but I wasn't just about to ask, afraid of being rewarded another glorious cleaning duty.
:iconanimecrazy42:AnimeCrazy42 482 54
Save Flipnote Hatena by Unyapu Save Flipnote Hatena :iconunyapu:Unyapu 165 78
Letter from Home: Rivaille x Reader
Wind wrapped around you, causing your hair to sway gently. Closing your eyes you clench the paper in your hand tighter trying to prevent the tears from pouring over. Not many people would have taken notice to you. Standing at the edge of the wall, you look over the destroyed town in front of you.
You had received yet another letter from your family; most people would be more than happy to hear from their loved ones at home. Not you though, your family hated what you were doing with your life. They though that you should be as far away from the titans as you could get, the Military Police. You hadn’t wanted this though. You wanted to help humanity as much as possible, not hide in the innermost wall and protect a lazy man who though himself higher than everyone else. The king.
You wanted to fight titans and make a name for yourself, but your family didn't see this. They just saw you being stupid and they made this very clear.  You brother was probably the worst of them too. He neve
:iconroxiepoxii:RoxiePoxii 336 48
Thunder Storm - Reader x Levi/Rivaille
Rivaille x Reader - Thunder Storm
It was pouring outside. You were in the Scouting Legion and you were in your closet of the room you stayed in. You were afraid of thunder, yet you fought titans like they were nothing. Tears were streaming down your face and you covered ears.
Another thunder clap, making more tears stream down your face and a whimper escape your lips. The Corporal was walking around, making sure all cadets were asleep and checking on them. After checking a room to left of yours, he stumbled across your room and slowly opened the door, in case you were sleeping. He walked in to see an empty bed.
"Tch, what is she up to." Levi sneered.
Another thunder clap as he heard a faint whimper. He slowly walked towards the other side of the bed.. He walks a little closer to find you crunched up in the side, covering your ears. You slowly lifted your head up to find an unamused Corporal. Tears still streaming down your face.
"Cadet ______, what're you doing on the si
:iconbouncingnarwhals:bouncingnarwhals 642 163
Rivalle/Levi x Reader: How old are you?
(Ok my first ever request. Ravioli is the best character in the whole universe just saying. Oh, and tell me if you have a request. This is a oneshot and if I feel like it I might make a sequel. Btw, Rivalle is like 34 so you/reader is 33~)
~Rivalle/Levi's POV~
    "How old are you?" the (h/c) girl said.
    "Never telling you. Get back to work or I swear I'm going to-" I winced at the slamming of my office door. She's driving me insane with all of these questions of hers.
    (f/n) (l/n) is her name, and she's so annoying. She graduated second out of our class, just below me. I couldn't believe it when she came in second, she was so carefree and didn't even know which branch she was going into.
    I could imagine she joined the Survey Corps/Scouting Legion just because she didn't care about her life, but she was starting to walk away at the true meaning of being in the Survey Corps until she saw me standing. She th
:iconred-artic-hare:Red-artic-hare 163 55
Shingeki no Kyojin: Lance Corporal by Green-Makakas Shingeki no Kyojin: Lance Corporal :icongreen-makakas:Green-Makakas 677 75
After the Scarf: Nightmare
It was the scream you heard first, a cry strangled with pain and desperation, begging for a savior. Then came the sound of crushed bones, a sound that made the hair on your neck raise. Then came the eerie silence that seemed to resound in your ears and fill the space around you.
You watched as silent tears streamed down your face as the monster lifted his now limp body to it's jaws...
"No!!" You screamed with horror, desperation, despair. It couldn't be true. That wasn't Rivaille's body, mangled and broken in the Titan's grasp. He wasn't dead. He was soaring in the sky, like an archangel of judgment, descending with wrath on the monsters that covered the earth. He wasn't laying limp in the Titan's hand, his lifeless eyes staring at you with an expression so contorted you couldn't pull yourself away.
"Stop!" You screamed, tears flying from your eyes. The demon didn't heed your words, it's blood stained lips descending ever closer to Rivaille.
You tried to tear yourself from where you st
:iconzephyros22:Zephyros22 195 73
Coffee Boy - [Male!Kanaya x Reader]
   You pulled open the door and walked inside, greeted with the delicious scent of vanilla, cinnamon, and ground coffee beans.
   The coffee shop was buzzing with activity. You could hear the chatter of customers at the counter, making pleasant conversation while they waited for their coffee, the quick tapping of laptop keys, the loud sips of people drinking coffee, and the grinding and whirring of the blenders as smoothies and lattes were created.
   You set down your bookbag and laptop at the table next to the coffee bag display. You pulled out your go-to tumbler and walked up to the counter.
   “Alright, ma'am, your change is $2.02. Have a nice day!” the cashier said enthusiastically to the customer in front of you. He swept his hand through his short, fluffy black hair and adjusted the collar of his black shirt.
   The woman in front of you left and you stepped up to the counter. The cashier noticed you and grinned
:iconronibear:ronibear 247 66
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